Complete Packaging Solutions

Complete Packaging Solutions

OS2 Corp has decades of experienced specializing in packaging, assemblies, and distribution supplying new equipment & spare parts, including out of production items. Os2 offers Military Packaging training on site, Government contracting training, commercial and military spec packaging. We also provide consulting services including government contract consulting, bidding strategy consulting. Our professional team has extensive experience providing comprehensive solutions for the, military, commercial, and government industries. We adhere to US military packaging requirements and contract quality provisions ensuring that all of our packaging services are fully compliant.

Procurement Agency

Procurement Agency

Outsourcing Procurement services to a Purchasing Agency provides measurable cost-cutting and tangible savings. While cost reduction is the largest substantiated reason, there are other benefits as well, such as being able to utilize in-house resources for core processes.

Os2 provides a new form of Procurement Services to large organization looking for customizable, comprehensive outsourcing solutions with flexible contract terms at the best price available. We source for our customers a wide range of goods and services from raw materials to finished products.

Licensed & Approved

We hold a DCMA transportation officer license, Alternate Release Procedure approval, and the Category 1 Procedure A contractor designation. We are also an approved Packaging House and a DCMA facility for training US Department of Defense Quality Assurance Representatives (QARs).

We're Here to Assist

Please contact us, our staff will schedule a meeting with a representative from your company. Details of the job and a sample can then be brought to our facility for a time study to be completed. All jobs are “task analyzed” in order to develop the most cost effective method of completing the job. Bid prices per piece or per contract are then offered. Once we get the order, work is processed to meet your production deadlines. Completed work can be shipped to you or to another prearranged destination.


OS2's professional team, with decades of experience, focuses on Mil-Spec Packaging cost saving and hassle-free compliance with US Military packaging requirements along with comprehensive solutions for products & sub-assemblies that require intensive manpower for final assembly before your product is ready to go out.

We pre-package pieces, pick-and-pack grouping of product parts (large and small) from screws to large antennas, we design packing I/A/W mil spec, build kits to specs, stuff components or gifts, re-package and assemble materials, provide and affix labels including Mil-Standard 129 with RFID bar coding. We inspect all products for quality control, provide Military Source Inspection by the US DoD QAR, and offer billing services via Wide Area Work Flow(WAWF), we also ship to destination.