Military and Commercial Packaging Services

In Short, outsourcing your packaging services is more than just saving money. It’s a strategic option for savvy businesses and entrepreneurs. Research show that outsourcing your labor to a contract packager like Os2 Corp, could lead to another actual savings of payroll while enjoying the rest of the outsourcing benefits. The packaging process becomes more efficient as the employees of Os2 Corp have extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of packaging. They are fully trained in this area and are therefore able to achieve high efficiency due to focus and skill level, which can be very beneficial to your organization. AS a result the turnaround time to process packaging, billing and shipping is quicker which translates to improved cash flow to our customers Case studies show that companies that outsource packaging gain:

Complete Packaging Solutions

As a professional packaging company, you can depend on us for exceptional packing services, industrial contract packaging, and many more assembly services and packaging solutions. Our skilled packaging team can pack products according to specific parts and pre-packaging pieces including everything from large antennas cable assemblies to small fuses. OS2 Corp provides specialty packaging services for projects that require excessive manpower in the assembly and packaging processes. No packaging requirement is beyond our capability and you can depend on us for fast, efficient and code compliant contract packaging solutions. Let us package and ship your products while you concentrate on your core business, winning orders.

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